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Shuttle Service

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Fare Information

One Way Fare
(to/from Columbia)
Base Mileage
(total miles included)
CHARLOTTE AIRPORT $85*/adult up to 95 mi
COLUMBIA AIRPORT $40/adult up to 8 mi
CHARLESTON AIRPORT $90/adult up to 108 mi
GREENVILLE AIRPORT $90/adult up to 104 mi
AUGUSTA AIRPORT $55/adult up to 81 mi
PORT OF CHARLESTON $90/adult up to 115 mi
Fare for children ages 12 and under is 50% off the adult ticket price.
*Rides are temporarily limited to to one group/family, single passenger up front and one in the back or solo rides for everyone's safety. To make this economically viable, one adult CLT ride will now be $85. Hand sanitizer and masks will be available freely for all passengers.

Additional Charges

Service Exceptions Service Cost
Extended Pickup Hours
(outside of 6am-10pm)
Late Booking Fee (CAE excluded)
(currently waived)
Out of Area Extra Mileage
(miles over base mileage)
$0.75 per mile
Oversized/Excessive Luggage
(XL or > 1 checked bag/adult)
$5.00 per bag
All service charges are used to cover the costs of additional terminal fees, fuel and driver overtime hours.

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